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High drama in Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali!

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali

Mumbai: As the Life Ok show, Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali (Rajshri Telefilms) is taking a new turn with Neha (Alefia Kapadia) making an entry to Chaturvedi house and claiming her rights as a bahu, the daily is set to churn out some more interesting track.

Now, the highpoint of the show will be that two bahu’s of the Chaturvedi clan will team up against the third Bahu.
Oh yes, you guessed it right. A source shared that in the upcoming episodes of the daily Radha (Pranali Ghogare) and her mother-in-law Sadhna (Dolly Sohi) will team up against Neha to teach her a lesson.

Our source revealed, “Neha, who is under the impression that she can enjoy all the luxuries of the world after entering Chaturvedi house, will soon get a reality check when Sadhna and Radha will make her work.”

“Radha will intentionally plan to make her do all the household chores to make her realize that as the bahu of the family, Neha should also understand the duties and realities attached to it” source added

And with this new arrangement Neha for sure will be utterly irked and will realize that she was under the wrong impression and will soon pack her bags to leave the house.

With the show gradually coming to an end, we can expect a happy ending with all the baddies bidding goodbye to LD and Radha.

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