Happy couple Gurmeet choudhary and Wife debina

While TV actors love the crazy fan following, this adulation has a vicious side as well.  It can affect their…

Happy couple, Gurmeet choudhary, Wife, debina

While TV actors love the crazy fan following, this adulation has a vicious side as well.  It can affect their personal lives. If there is one TV couple who will surely vouch for what we said above it has to be Gurmeet  Choudhary  and  Debina  Bonerjee.

This very much in love duo who just spent some  quality time in Cape Town( South  Africa) where the  former  is shooting for his long  awaited Bollywood debut  Khaamoshiya  somehow seems to irk a section of their huge fan following  who always write rubbish about them on social media.

The latest such “news” doing the round is that both Gurmeet and Debina who got married in 2011 have already got divorced and that too way back in 2012.The same fans who are jealous of Debina and would Gurmeet to be cast opposite only Drashti Dhami (Gurmeet’s co star in Geet) are chatting with each about the alleged divorce. They also claim there was a witness who was present in court when the marriage was supposedly dissolved.

This “split” alleged came as per fans on the back of few media speculations that there were differences between Gurmeet and Debina. Though they are not ready to provide an as concrete proof about the supposed divorce and the above witness which will prove their point.  We wonder why the fans are dredging up an old gossip now this thing was spoken about two years back. Can it be that Gurmeet’s ‘career is taking off and they are scared that Drasthi might be left out in the cold Madhubala ended and her anchoring assignment in Jhalak failed.  However fans dont know that Drasthi is a very talented actress who will soon bounce back flops are a part of all actors career.

They also don’t like the fact that Debina posts intimate pictures of herself and her loving husband on social media and comments that she is doing public display of affection. They also ridiculed her saying that how can she do karva chaut (which fell a little while back) when she is divorcee.

We did not even feel it right to touch base with Gurmeet and Debina to verify this silly claim for we know that everything is hunky dory with them.  Had there been any truth in the report we would have come to know. The further sad part is that these fans are not ready to listen to any counter argument and will resort to worst kind of verbal abuse when you just question them back with logical facts.

We wish Gurbina (As Gurmeet and Debina are called by their fans) all the love and happiness  and will  advise the fan to live and let live God bless.