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Gaurav Chopra speaks for Star Plus show Gulmohar Grand!

Gaurav Chopra, Star Plus, Gulmohar Grand

Mumbai: Gaurav Chopra takes the low numbers of his ongoing Star Plus show Gulmohar Grand in his stride. You need to understand that when you try out something different, it take a while to gain traction. Plus we are also a weekend weekly and in the absence of regular repeats if you miss one episode you will need to wait till next Sunday.

From a creative stand point, I request some more patience from the audiences as the story is now (6th episode) beginning to find its feet and hopefully the plot will stabilize by the ninth or tenth episode. We also have got a new team of writers onboard. Given the fact that we don’t have a set template to follow we go by what we feel best and sometime things do eb and flow. Like on getting feedback that certain episodes were dragging necessary course corrections were made.”

Coming to numbers proper Gaurav says,“ we began well by opening with 1, then things start to slide a bit around the end of IPL now we are hovering around 0.5. I am certain that the ratings will rise in the coming weeks. We should ideally settle around 1 TVR.”

Remind him of the fate of Airlines which was taken off air a few weeks before the end of its scheduled run allegedly due to low ratings. “I don’t want to comment on another show in absence of proper details. Low ratings alone might not be the cause of premature demise for according to some actors on the show issues with production house were equally responsible. I am certain o such mishap will happen with us. ”

In close Gaurav wishes to thank Star Plus for their attempt to push the content envelope.“ They want to change the face of desi TV, hence they are not making wholesome changes to the story to make it more massy when confronted with low ratings”.

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