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Ex BiggBoss Contestant reveal about having Botox!

Ex BiggBoss, Contestant, reveal, Botox

Vivek Mishra, who has became house hold name after being part of BiggBoss has now revealed about having beauty treatments to keep himself ageless. Vivek has been part of movies like 1971, Hamara dil Aapke Paas hai, Maqbool, Mangal Pandey!

“Beauty is a power, a smile is a sword said John Ray…God has made every individual beautiful but keeping yourself beautiful and enhancing it with time is an utter self conscious stand. Today, accessibility, awareness and cost has all given the common man the power to achieve the impossible so why should one shy away from the fact that there are cosmetic enhancements available in the market to just make you look better and stay young,” Said Vivek in his statement.

He later adds, “If I have to talk about myself, I am a public figure. My friends, my followers and many more look up to me. I take it as my responsibility and duty to justify the time they invest in me. And yes, so I always have to maintain how I look. But that’s not very easy. I acknowledge the fact that with age, our body and skin asks for more. It’s Mother Nature that is making me grow and mature. With that also comes some loose skin, de shaping of body and younger looks fading away.”

He went on on reveals, “Well, the truth is we are in a business where our appearance and outer beauty is indispensable to rake the mollahs! Thanks to science, I can be like this forever. I take timely beauty treatments like Botox, fillers, moisture shots to enhance my features, keep it young and glowing.”

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