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EPIC’s Regiment Diaries 3rd episode on Jat Regiment

Regiment Diaries, Jat Regiment

EPIC Channel’s original series called Regiment Diaries that takes you behind the heavily guarded gates of army regimental centres. The entire series is filmed inside real regimental centers, with real army men – serving, and retired – speaking about their life and experience as soldiers of India in times of peace and war.

Please find below the synopsis of the upcoming episode. Request you to please help us with the tune in of this if episode if possible. Thank You.

The third episode of Regiment Diaries on Jat Regiment will be aired this Thursday- 30th August at 10 pm.

The Jat Regiment is one of the infantry regiments in the Indian army. It has been in existence for over 200 years, and it has been a part of both WWI and WWII, along with many other national and international battles. Historically, the Jats have been known for their brilliant combat and warfare skills.

Know more stories of courage and valour of the Jat Regiment in this episode of Regiment Diaries.

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