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Drama to entertain more in Star Plus’s Dosti..Yaariyaan..Manmarziyan

Star Plus, Aham Sharma

Mumbai: Swastik Productions Dosti…Yaariyaan…Manmarziyan has surely spiced up since Arjun (Aham Sharma) entry. The new brooding, handsome and mysterious has brought a lot of action to the table and the viewers are excited to witness how the various relationships turn out post his entry.

As seen Radhika (Monica Sehgal) was falsely accused of seeing the company’s project and unknown to Radhika and the others it was Arjun and Bonnie who framed her. However with Sam’s (Kashmira Irani) trust and Neil’s encouragement Radhika helps Birdsong attain the contract that will help save the company.

Radhika doubts Bonnie’s involvement in framing her and decides to bring out the truth. She finds out Bonnie’s address and decides to do a little snooping. While planning to bring out the truth Radhika learns that Arjun too has a hand in her framing and she decides to find what’s been happening.

Now in the upcoming episodes we will see ,Radhika will request Arjun to drop her on the way and purposely gets into his car. She keeps him busy in an argument and stealthily takes the keys from him. It will be intresting to see that how Radhika prove the false allegation made towards her?

As seen Arjun plans on spoiling Sam’s life and Bonnie is helping Arjun in his revenge for what happened in the past. Radhika was turning out to be a thorn in Arjun’s plan which he tried to eliminate but failed now that Radhika is back in Birdsong and Sam’s life it would be interesting to see how Arjun get’s his revenge?

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