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Divyanka Tripathi had put on weight!

Interview, Divyanka Tripathi, crush, Sonu Sood

Actress Divyanka Tripathi, had in the last couple of years put on a lot of weight, especially after her injury two years ago which had put her on a wheelchair.

Daily shooting schedules coupled with the injury did not allow the actress to work out and hence the gradual weight gain. Divyanka however in the last six months was consciously working out and eating healthy to tone down the weight she had put on.

With Nach Baliye, the dancing helped further and the transformation is evident as the actress has lost close to 10 kg in the last six months.

Divyanka Tripathi said, “I was already on a weight loss spree before Nach Baliye started as I had reincorporated regular exercising and healthy food habits into my daily routine. Dancing further helped me get on the right track as its a great form of exercise. I am happy about getting back into shape as its important not only as an actor but I also feel for a healthier life in the long run.”

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