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Dipika and Shoaibh Talk about the dance reality show and its highs.

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Dipika Kakar and Shoaibh ibrahim are on a high currently the couple have been getting back to back standing ovations in the show nach baliye and they are absolutely loving it dipika and Shoaibh have been giving it their all and have been rehearsing a lot day and night.
Dipika says ” its amazing to get standing ovations back to back yes we put in a alot of hardwork and sweat and hence it means that much more when our work gets appreciated i could’nt have asked for more. marks matter yes but whats even more inspiring and pushes us harder is the applause and the audiences shouting once more. every week we try to better our steps and i am so very happy with our results.”
Ont he other Hand Shoaibh says ” i completely echo dipika’s words and its amazing to know that our hard work is being loved on social media we have our fans and a whole new lot of them who have loved watching us and what better high and moment can it be, it was patriotic number and we were anyways charged up for it and the ovation love and support gave us the much needed kick.”

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