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Darsheel Safary & Avneet and to feature in Lage raho chachu

Darsheel Safary, Avneet, Lage raho chachu

Mumbai: This week Contiloe’s Lage Raho Chachu will feature stars Darsheel and Avnit who will be the star dance performers. When Sonu and Sanika finds out about the dance performance, they are confident that their chachu will get tickets. As destiny has it for poor Chachu, all the tickets are sold out and he could not get the tickets.

Not wanting to disappoint the kids he informs them that both Darsheel & Avnit will visit them at home after the show. Simran overhears his conversation with his producer about bringing duplicates to pass off as original Darsheel & Avnit and tells the kids that their Chachu is doing everything to make them happy so they should play along with his plan. Crazy mayhem follows when their door is knocked by two sets, the real and reel Darsheel & Avnit.

Watch the comic confusion unfold between, the real and reel dancing stars on Contiloe’s Lage Raho Chachu on 18th May 12 pm only on Disney Channel

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