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Chit Chat hot Rajeev Khandelwal apologises!

Rajeev Khandelwal, apologises

Mumbai: The dashing actor Rajeev Khandelwal, who is playing the role of Kabir in the show Reporters on Sony Entertainment Television, recently apologised to a college student named Amay Saxena.
It so happened that Amay has been the recipient of constant calls and messages meant for Rajeev for over a year now.

A source close to Rajeev informs us about the whole situation, “Rajeev got to know about the whole situation and felt sorry for the college student who was getting calls from his name. Hence he planned to call the boy and apologize for what was happening with him.”

Amay was totally surprised when he got a call from Rajeev, who apologised to him on behalf of the people who bothered him with the calls meant for him.

When contacted Rajeev, he says, “Amay was quite irritated with the calls. In fact anybody on his place would be! I was surprised that my previous number was still active. My friends told me to do something to fix this problem and hence I planned to call Amay. I told him I totally understood his position and asked him to pass my new number to the people if anyone calls him again.”

Well this gesture of Rajeev truly portrays him as a Gentleman. To catch his phenomenal performance as Kabir, do watch the show Reporters from Monday to Friday at 9pm only on Sony Entertainment Television.

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