Check out these funny Instagram reels of Urvashi Dholakia with son Kshitij Dholakia

Here are some of the best Reels made by them.

funny Instagram reels, Urvashi Dholakia

Famous TV actress Urvashi Dholakia might be known for the Villainous characters she had played in serials but in reality, she is extremely comical and a dotting mother.

As Instagram introduced a mini video feature called ‘Reels’, it has become the talk of the town. Many users have been using it to make creative 15-second videos, with funny music, filters, audio and so on. Urvashi was also someone who jumped on the bandwagon and began creating some rib-tickling Reela with her son, Kshitij.

Here are some of the best Reels made by them:

1.  You can’t trick Urvashi!

Here you can see Kshitij trying to trick Urvashi into doing something but she caught it at the right moment! Mothers can’t be deceived into trickery, the actress proved that for sure.

2. A unique kind of long drive

Look at this funny ‘long drive’ the mother-son duo was on. Owing to what? Watch it and you’ll find out. Urvashi captioned the post, “The only long drive we are going on right now!! ?”

3. What’s the problem?

Here is how Kshitij handled the situation when his mother, Urvashi looked a tab bit disturbed. She captioned the video, “When you don’t know the actual problem yourself ?”

4. Sanitation comes first during the times of Corona

Taking safety precautions during the pandemic is a must! Here is how the duo explained it in a fun way. The caption of the post said, “Sum up of our life story at the moment ?”

5. Sarcasm always works!

Don’t you hate it when you’re sleeping and someone abruptly wakes you up? In this reel, Urvashi and Kshitij have dealt with this relatable moment in an extremely funny manner! The post said, “sone k saath koi compromise nahi ?”