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Chaitanya Choudhury shares his views on Small Screen Industry

Chaitanya Choudhury, Industry

Mumbai: Flamboyant and dashing actor, Chaitanya Choudhury who is been back in an entertaining avatar in Beyond Dreams’ popular show, Ek Veer Ki Ardaas Veera on Star Plus. The hot and rocking Chaitanya who was last seen in Zee TV’s Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se in a negative role. And now will play an NRI professor in Veera and romance with Geet Singh (Keerti Nagpure).

Actor talks about the drawbacks he see in small screen (Tv) industry. He shares, “Every industry has its flaws so does tv too. The important thing is to keep on evolving and moving forward and take this industry in the right direction. The good part Tv offers a lot of opportunities and work to actors both new as well as the old and yes it offer fantastic revenues too. On the hindsight I feel that the problem areas are the irregular and extended hours of work which somewhere goes against basic humanity. Plus content wise there is a kind of herd mentality so you see the same stories being repeated only everytime they are packaged differently.”

When we asked the actor about his thought if the reel life relates to the real life or it just goes only as a drama for entertainment. Actor tells, ” Its a mix some times reel life does relate to real life and sometimes its just drama for entertainment it actually depends how the viewers take it.”

We thanks him to share his words and wish a bright future for him.

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