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Bigg Boss specialist Dale Bhagwagar manages another PR hat-trick with Bigg Boss 9

Bigg Boss specialist, Dale Bhagwagar, PR, Bigg Boss 9

Mumbai: Remember what Mandana Karimi told Salman Khan at the launch of Bigg Boss 9? When Salman asked the actress, what the Housemates can expect from her, she boldly replied, “They can love me, they can hate me, but they can’t ignore me.”
Bigg Boss specialist, Dale Bhagwagar, PR, Bigg Boss 9
Turns out to be that her media man, Bollywood PR guru Dale Bhagwagar has asked her to be extremely strong in what he calls the House of Scandal. My brief to Mandana includes being “daringly audacious,” he admits. “She is still learning Hindi, so she needs to be more expressive and hard-hitting to make an equal impression as the other contestants.”
Bigg Boss specialist, Dale Bhagwagar, PR, Bigg Boss 9
Dale’s second PR client in the House this year is Vikas Bhalla. “Vikas is a charmer. Though he may take a little time to open up and get comfortable. Once he does, you may see how he can be one of the most likeable guys on the show.”
Bigg Boss specialist, Dale Bhagwagar, PR, Bigg Boss 9
The public relations expert is reluctant to reveal his third PR client on BB9. “He’s an ace, and a perfect fit for Bigg Boss,” is all Dale divulges here. Whoa! Three PR clients in one Season!

But that’s no first for Dale, as he has handled PR for a total of 17 names that have been on Bigg Boss since the first season. This season will take the total to 20, and maybe further with a Wild Card Entry. Last year, the publicist handled the media for the spunky Sonali Raut, the gritty Aarya Babbar and the flamboyant Rahul Mahajan. So who could be his third client in BB9?

Dale informs, “He’s a man who will stand for what he believes in. His image was tarnished once, but you will be surprised, how disciplined and cultured he really is. But that does not mean he won’t shock you out with dramatics. Trust me; he will.” Aha! Could that be the dashing Aman Verma?

Wonder what this publicist eats, how he thinks, and what he coaches his clients! Quite an enigma!! A season ago, Dale was himself officially invited to participate in Bigg Boss, but preferred to skip it, saying he’s “not cut out for it.” Huh!

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