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Bhalla Family to face a new turn in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Mumbai: Ishita Raman Bhalla (Divyanka Tripathi) has to be the best detective on Indian Television. Lovingly called as ‘Jagga Jasson’ by her hubby Raman Kumar Bhalla (Karan Patel). She has solving a good number of puzzles, mysteries that has always seemed to be a threat to her family.

As Subbu (Amit Tandon) strongly believes that somebody from the Bhalla Family is responsible for his wife’s death. If sources are to be believed, the pendulum swings between Mrs. Bhalla (Shehnaaz Rizwan) and Romi (Aly Goni) as possible suspects for the death (accidental) of Subbu’s wife. This is why Subbu plans on hurting the Bhalla Family but looks like as always Ishita the protective shield of her family will come to their aid.

Well the audience love her Ishita in her detective avatar and the upcoming episodes will see her don role again. As seen Ishita has come across some disturbing revelations that pertains to Subbu and the psychiatric help he is receiving. Even if Ishita questioned Sujata (Anju Mahendroo) she is not convinced about the recent discoveries but tries to shove it aside and concentrate on other things.

But soon Ishita will be left with no choice but to reveal the truth she has learned about Subbu receiving Psych help to the entire family. Ishita thinks about how her hiding the matter may have adverse effects on Simmi (Shireen Mirza) and Ananya and tells them what she has discovered and also learn the complete truth. Subbu and Sujata who believe Ishita to be a smart and intelligent woman will try to be as cautious as possible but like they say when your intentions are wrong no matter how cautious you are the truth has to come out.

However past experiences show that Ishita and Raman together makes the perfect team.Now the question arrives, Will Ishita confide in Raman or will she decide to solve the matter on her own?

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