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Best Friend turned Boyfriend of Surbhi Jyoti ?

surbhi jyoti

Surbhi Jyoti has become a well-known name on Bollywood television in a mere 2 and ½ years. She has been working on the serial Qubool Hai which has just started season 3. There have been approximate 7 male leads she has been paired with or gonna end up being paired with since Qubool hai started in Oct 2012. So far as per our analysis via social media, FB, twitter, Instagram it has been gauged as the best chemistry to date has been with her first lead Karan Singh Grover who left the show at the end of Dec 2013.

The Ph has tried many and none have matched the chemistry be it onscreen or off Screen between the two. Recently she has been spotted in Goa on a holiday with Karaveer Bohra and his Wife Teejayher person Zorawar Singh who is supposedly her boyfriend. Isnt this the same person Surbhi Jyoti claims as her best friend from Childhood? Has she been lying to her fans abt him and not come clean on a relationship with him? It seems her adoptive parents the Bohras are more interested in publicizing her relationship than she herself. Is she going to marry the supposedly Hugh Jackman for her, Zorawar Singh in the near Future? Well the fans want answers and she evades them by blocking them off her social id’s. Please clarify what it is soon.. by SSK



  1. Reshika

    March 31, 2015 at 11:13 PM

    Don’t blame KV nd TJ its her choice to take Zora…which decent girl from a good family takes her bf on holiday with another couple. SJ is a hipocrite lying to her fans she is characterless

  2. bliss

    April 1, 2015 at 8:02 PM

    She will talk about it when she wants ….being fans doesn’t mean we have a right to interfere in her personnel life.its her life let her do what she wants….most actors dnt admit about their relationships. She isnt the 1st nor will she be the last. Just because she isnt with a certain fav of some doesnt mean we should crucify her for her choice.whats the big deal!

  3. T

    April 21, 2015 at 3:47 AM

    NO WAY IS THIS SJ’S FAULT… hah! you ppl are funny. this is the reason they dont talk about thr relationships. you corner thm soo much and if they ever were to admit, (which im not saying is supposed to happen) thr would be wayyyy too many questions. If no one ever talked about it like this SJ might have mentioned something about Zora. How is this lying??? We are the ones blocking her and creating a difficult situation. What if Zora really isn’t her bf? What would you guys do with all this news and evrthng? Just let them be!!! 🙂 Going on vacation with your best friends isnt a shameless act. If KVB and Teejay werent married, you ppl wouldnt say this becuz you wouldnt say she “went with another family”. Just think of it as her going somewhere with her friends! 😀

  4. Armaan Nokhariya

    September 22, 2016 at 11:46 PM

    Love u surbhi

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