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Bani J will win Bigg Boss 10, feels Dhyani Dave

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Bani J will win Bigg Boss 10, feels Dhyani Dave

Though in her heart of hearts, she wishes to be proved wrong, chess master Dhyani Dave feels Bani J will win Bigg Boss 10. “It’s a given. It’s been obvious. She has the right friends, contacts and connections. That’s also the way her defiant projection has been. So sadly, it’s her as winner,” claims Dhyani who is known to dissect Bigg Boss just like a game of chess.

“But after the humongous amount of foul-mouthed dirtiness Bani has brought to this season, having her win is akin to having an Om Swami win,” she laments. So who would be the appropriate real choice?

“Undoubtedly, Manu Punjabi,” feels Dhyani. “He has been a man of ethics, tact and correctness. Isn’t that how an ideal new-age man should be. Manu has been amiable with housemates even after having tiffs. His deft handling of delicate situations has been admirable.”

Dhyani also has a special word for Manveer Gurjar. “He has lacked in individuality, but has been a good support system to other contestants. He has that quality to stand by his friends, making them feel like family… something the Bigg Boss House has been lacking from the last two seasons,” she points.

As the Bigg Boss Grand Finale with Salman Khan approaches, one hopes the controversial reality show catches up on more TRPs in its final week. By the way, did you notice, Dhyani skipped mentioning Bani’s bête noire Lopamudra Raut. Wonder why!

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