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Angad Hasija goes bold!

Angad Hasija, bold

Mumbai: Actor Angad Hasija who would be seen in Akbar Birbal recently went for a personal makeover. He pumped up iron and developed a typical Punjabi look growing his hair and working on face and body as well to go for a bold photo shoot one of its kind.

On being asked how he thought of the bold photo shoot he says, “Normally all actors click photographs and regular body shots and in stylish clothes is routine thing. I decided to go for international flavor. Eventually TV is progressing everywhere. We used to have Indian viewership of Bay watch. I have done bare body scenes in Amrit Manthan as well as Phulwa. I am ready for swimming trunks on TV. We have a successful swimming based show “Swim Team” on TV where in all episodes male as well as females are shown in swim suit. Our audiences are progressive too”.

On being asked if he had apprehensions for shooting nude he says, “I was concerned about people’s reactions. I am comfortable with my body. I have recently done a hind film where I have done kissing scene as well as bedroom scene. As an actor I am doing my job”.

What was the reaction of people whom he showed his bold pic as he says, “Feedback was positive! Everyone found it classy. Photographer Amit Khanna has done a fantastic job. He is class apart and will go places I was called Greek God by many and people could see the sex appeal. I was told by many no TV actor has done such a bold photo shoot ever. Some people were shocked as why I got such a thing and my explanation was had I done a normal photo shoot it would have made no difference.”

On being asked if he did special preparation for it he says, “I was off salt and water for two days to look lean for the photo shoot. The effort was worth it after all.”

Photographer Amit Khanna has also shot for various actors like Sonakshi Sinha, Ranvijay Singh, Rana Daggubati, Mrunal Jain, Krrip kapur Suri and Tina Datta. Well Amit you have done a fantastic job and presented Angad like never before!

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