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Aditya Redij had to lose weight!

Aditya Redij

Mumbai: Aditya Redij had to lose weight to get into skin of the title character of TV show “Suryaputra Karn”. The actor says weight fluctuations can be physically taxing, but audience’s appreciation helps wipe the ordeal away.

“I had to lose about 8 kg to look a little younger in ‘Suryaputra Karn’ as I was playing a 35-year-old father in my previous show ‘Bandhan’. For the promo shoot of the show, I lost three kg in three days. So, losing weight on short duration takes a toll, but when people notice and appreciate your effort then all of it is paid off,” Aditya tells media in a group interview here.

Talking about his endeavour to shed those extra kilos, the actor, who forayed into small screen with show “Na Aana Is Des Laado”, echoed the ‘no pain, no gain’ ideology.

“I’m following a strict diet. Before the promo shoot, I was almost on no salt diet, used to eat one slice of bread sometimes and used to have a boiled egg,” he added.

His hard work was evident as Aditya walked into the conference room for the launch of the show here on Thursday looking lean while channeling his character’s look.

The actor will be breathing life to Karna, the mythological character of Hindu epic “Mahabharata”, for the small screen with the Sony Entertainment Television show “Suryaputra Karn”, which will go on air on Monday.

Aditya also said that he loves undergoing transformation for his projects.

“I enjoy all these transformations because I’m doing all the hard work for the character. And the difference can be seen on camera. Yes, it is very taxing, but you have to find to enjoy all that and I like it when people appreciate my effort,” he said.

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