Actresses stimulate to fight Migraine and Headache Awareness!

June has been considered as National Migraine and Headache Awareness Month. Television Industry has faced many a time such situation…

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June has been considered as National Migraine and Headache Awareness Month. Television Industry has faced many a time such situation where people kill themself or are lost to live like hell in depression. Actresses comes ahead to bring smile and help people to overcome stress. They speak about how bravely they fought to achieve the life they are upto. They also request to not give up their life and smile ever.

Helly Shah: We always dont live a lifestyle we wish to. Time and situation do push us to live something which we never wanted to. But that’s an adventure and winners always have adventurous life. Instead to keep thinking and over taking stress on it. Start enjoying the situation and fight back with your smile and you’ll see  how adventurous was your life to get you the place you wanted to live in and you deserved.

Tejasswi Prakash: Success is not that easy to achieve! To enjoy success we need to overcome many obstacles. If we fear them and keep thinking about it as damage to our dream we will turn losers. Why to accept yourself as handicap. Dont allow depression to make home in your brain permit smile to stay with you and fight back to win the game of success in your life.

Niti Taylor: Dont let yourself go depressed. If you allow so, you will not be able to communicate with yourself this may lead to kill your creativity of over coming your bad time and eventually you shall loss the beauty of living a life. If you face problems or black time plan to play it as game to get back the sunrise in your life. Keep loving yourself.

Devoleena Bhattacharjee: Life is most beautiful gift. But yes to live it beautifully we need overcome many down and harassing situation. My mother always said what comes our way is for our good. We need to smile and accept. Every night has a morning but one who get scared and kill themselves during night cant enjoy the beauty of sun rise.

Mahika Sharma: Sometimes we can’t express ourselves and we fail to understand our situation or cant find a way to overcome. This means we can rest secure in our knowledge of ourselves and what we’re going through, even when the medical profession doesn’t understand or believe us. Migraine is really mysterious and challenging disease. It affects all of us in different manner, and every attack is a little weird than the one before. This means that no one can understand our life, symptoms, or illness like we can. This can be incredibly empowering. But trust me you are the expert. But, it also carries great responsibility, to live as happily and as fully as possible, you must listen to your body and trust your instincts and always smile to your depression.

Tanya Sharma: When we go greedy and take decisions that honor our dreams and priorities, we also make choices about what we won’t prioritize. But dreams are not that easy to turn into reality. We need to work hard and always we dont win but with a new experience we need to start fighting back again and the day wont be away when we shall win. But if we allow every single ounce of pain arrived on the left part of the head to hit the whole body and head to be left in numb state we can never win. So to be a winner keep smiling.

Yuvika Chaudhary: Believe in yourself and be posetive being the happiest soul. Trust yourself that you greater than any obstacle and Do not confuse your bad days as a sign of your weakness. Those are actually the days you are fighting hardest to achieve successful life .It’s okay not to be okay as long as you’re not giving up but never give up your life and smile.