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Aamir Ali: “Dylan is a man with a mission to break news”

Aamir Ali

Mumbai: Aamir Ali is satisfied with the early trends of his new &TV show Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls, “We have been on air for just two or three months. So it is too early to take a call but from whatever I hear people generally like the story. Let’s face it not all episodes can be good, things ebb and flow and it becomes challenge when you need to deliver episodes in a tight deadline. Here we have a saving grace for our producer (Cinevistaas Limited) has several ready sets at their compound, so we don’t have logistical challenges of going outside for just one scene. The available infrastructure allows us to can around 7/8 episodes a day which makes shooting process easier.”

Coming to his journalist character Dylan Singh Shekhawat, Aamir says, “we have set up his graph well, now we will see him doing romance and several other things. Dylan is a man with a mission to break news and for that he will not hesitate the bend the rules, i.e. be mean or use people etc. so all in all he is not your prototype hero. I loving playing him for he is closer to life and slice of life type something along the lines of Bhaskar Bharati (Sony). I needed a break after playing comedy for four long years (FIR), so this offer came along as a boon.”

He has no qualms about media suddenly becoming the focus of several shows, “this is a trend first we had fashion house, then woman going to work. And this emphasis was expected for today media is a vehicle of national change. As a creative person for me the issues is simple if the story is interesting it will work else not.”

Remind him the ratings of Thakur Gurls are not too good compared to other & TV shows? And he says, “We are niche show, and not a massy one, so we should not expect huge numbers. Plus the entire set up is new so we need to be patient. ”

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