World No Tobacco Day: Popular Celebrities says No to tobacco

Mumbai: It is seen how tobacco is being killing innocent people. Every year on 31st May, different welfare organizations and government…

World No Tobacco Day, Celebrities, tobacco

Mumbai: It is seen how tobacco is being killing innocent people. Every year on 31st May, different welfare organizations and government organize different events to pull down the tobacco consumers.

However this time to make India free celebrities says “live and let live others healthy say no to tobacco”

Naousheen Ali Sardar: “If a slaughter house is made of glass everybody would be a vegetarian…IF ANYONE VISITED THE CANCER WARD U WOULDN’T EVEN STAND NEXT TO SOMEONE SMOKING… FORGET TOUCHING THE BUD YOURSELF”, Don’t be selfish…, Think about others who u will leave behind…”

Garima Jain: “People think lighting a cigratte and smoking looks cool But I am sorry you are just playing with your life so, Stop smoking, Start living.. no tobacco day”

Adaa A Khan: “To Smoke Or Not To Smoke…,Choose Right-Choose Life…Smoking Kills you even before you are DEAD….Put it Out Before Your Time Runs Out!!!! ”

Vahbbiz Dorabjee: “All I can say is wish this poison was totally banned in the country. Because people know it’s bad for them yet they are so addicted to it. Its cause mouth cancer and so many deserves. I hope some sense prevails in people minds.”

Divyanka Tripathi: “Tobacco kills, they are not wrong when they say so! Ever been to a cancer hospital ??? you must visit it once then you will know that it really does kill. So don’t kill yourself and your family”

Rakhi Vijan: “Live life king size.. Please don’t smoke.. Live Healthy, Wealthy and wise. Breathe air not smoke”

Mahika Sharma: “Tobacco, the word itself sound hilarious. Tobacco kills the consumer during his/her life. I think the trade of tobacco should come to end strictly. The traders should be put up behind bars whole life whenever caught. Smoking kills you, pollute environment. Love yourself love your environment, preserve yourself preserve your environment say no to tobacco.”

Amrapali Gupta: “I can say this only that I don’t like the people who are addicted to tobacco, gutka and surti all other stuffs, especially in north like Bihar and Uttar Pradesh farmers and agricultural people they are soo much addicted to it. They don’t try to understand how harmful it is for them even for their families. So I really want them to quit this tobacco.

People should think just because of the taste they consume it and get into bad conditions like suffering from cancer and many other diseases and with them their families suffer getting worried for them. I request the tobacco consumers please think and care for your family members and quit tobacco. Its already written in the package of tobacco products that they are injurious to our health. So live free leave tobacco.”

Mihika Verma: “I don’t endorse tobacco or any kind of substance dependence..its a sign of weakness.. On no tobacco day I would like to plead tobacco users to make a start.. A Start to Stop.Love yourself and love life..that’s the only high u need.”