See what star says about “GAY MARRIAGES”!


Mumbai: Gay marriages are legalized in America. we ask TV folks their reactions on the same and if it should be leagalized in India. Here are some of your TV actors talking about the same

GUNJAN UTREJA: “It’s ironic because in India forget about gay marriage; homosexuality is a crime. As far as marriage is concerned, I support a marriage where two individuals getting married want to be together irrespective of their sex & caste. Today people across India are showing solidarity with gay marriages whereas the irony is in India it’s still difficult to marry a person of opposite sex if he/ she is from a different caste. The decision on gay marriages in America has come after a long struggle. India I feel 1st We should focus on making people aware about homosexuality; abolish article 377.”

AMIT GAUR: “I feel that everyone is entitled to their choices in life and if one prefers a certain gender to be with, then the person should be allowed to do so, we do live in a so called democracy right? Gay marriages should be legalized in our country and I hope it does get one day.”

GAURAV SHARMA: “It’s good as gays are also human and its not their fault. Straight or gay, all are humans. If they find the right partner then they have all the rights to be with the one they like. Yes It should be legalized in India too.”

TARUL SWAMI: “US Has taken one big step of showing the world love has no barriers in India also should be legalized but one should respect the nature.”

NATASHA SINGH: “I think every human being has a right to their sexuality and preferences and yes it should be legalized especially in India. One of the reasons is, it would save lot of girls fake marriages to men who are forced to marry a woman. The girl doesn’t even know that her partner prefers a man and is marrying her only as a cover for the sake of society. This destroys both the girl’s and the guy’s life.”

MITIL JAIN: “I support it truely. Its a very good initiative by america, as now these people can come out in open and not be worried about the world this is called true equality and freedom. Hats off to America. India should also follow it.”

RIDHYMA M TIWAARE: “I have always respected people who come out and truly voice their preferences. I am happy with this gay marriage getting legalised in America, more people will choose to come out & choose their happiness. After all one life we all have, why not spend it with the one we wish to love respect & trust for the rest of our living. Americans teach us what true meaning of being free is! India should also show intrest over it.”

SANDEEP ANAND: “I must say we Indians don’t know our culture well. If you look at our past like Khajuraho, there are many proofs like pictures and sculptures that in past we had the culture where kings kept men. I know about history, it’s not new to me what US did. But I feel in our generation, it is better not to legalized that in India otherwise we will going to have more issues to face. It’s better to solve what we are already dealing with first. Let women get the place they deserve in our society then will think about this matter too.”

SANDEEP SINGH: ”Who you love is Who you love. Its an individual choice & we all should respect that.. Everyone should be able to choose & love whom they want to.. That’s the way I see it.”

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