Mumbai Juniorthon is back with Season 3!

Mumbai Juniorthon

Get ready for Mumbai Juniorthon – Mumbai’s largest marathon for children and fitness carnival this December

Fancy seeing your child’s face beam with incredible joy after running a marathon for a good cause?
Calling out to all mummas and papas to get your little ones to participate in JUNIORTHON, Mumbai’s largest under 15 kids marathon and running carnival for children and junior athletes on Dec 10th 2017, 6 am onwards at Bandra Kurla Complex.  Now in its third edition, Juniorthon aims to promote running as an active lifestyle for children and the entire family and appeals to every parent, teacher & coach to inculcate, support and exercise their right to sports for children.

Juniorthon is categorised to accommodate various levels of runners considering age and distance. To support a good cause and promote a healthier future for children, the goal of this marathon is discourage the ample use of video games, television, fast food and visits to shopping malls by children.

The children participating in Juniorthon will take on the streets of Mumbai, push their limits and conquer a distance as a testament to their physical endurance and mental toughness to fight for this cause. Further, all participants will experience an in-depth training cum prep-up session by Holistic Guru Mickey Mehta who will teach children to avoid injuries and maintain stamina during the run.2017 will also see the mark of Juniorthon’s ‘The Happy Run’ which encourages disabled children to participate in a unique 0.5 km inspirational marathon in Mumbai.

This year Kids will be able to time their run through time-chip for all the participants“Lack of outdoor activities has led to a rise in childhood obesity & other related diseases in India. Children are more vulnerable to Vitamin D deficiency, depression and chronic weight-related diseases due to their inactive lifestyles.

Every child needs to play outdoors for his or her physical, social and emotional wellbeing. Mumbai Juniorthon is all about children running towards a healthier future and supporting a good cause. Juniorthon’s core purpose is to urge children to go outdoors and activate their sedentary lifestyle by giving them an opportunity to set out and accomplish the goal of running,” says Bhavna Mehta, Organiser of Juniorthon.

Mumbai Juniorthon has also exclusively tied up with Smile Foundation, a NGO that works towards development & empowerment of children from vulnerable backgrounds via Education & Health Care. The event boasts of a fundraising platform wherein a significant portion of the registration fees will be donated to the NGO. Following the run, Juniorthon will also showcase a special family carnival cum fitness expo with multiple workshops, curated shows, fitness activities and food pop-ups for a great family mêlée. The Juniorthon Carnival will be free for all Now isn’t this a better way to spend a Sunday?
Categories include:
• OPENERS: Distance: 0.5 km – 1 Parent + 1 child aged between 5-8 years

• BEGINNERS: Distance: 1 km – Age: 6 to 11 years• AMATEURS: Distance: 2 km – Age: 6 to 13 years

• PROS: Distance: 4 km – Age: 11 to 15 years

• DIFFERENTLY ABLED: Distance: 0.5 km – Age: 6 to 15 years


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