Monsoon Special, Actors talk about rainy day!

Monsoon Special, Actors, rainy day

Mumbai: Who dont love a rainy day! We tried to get the informations for the readers and fans and followers, that how their lovable actors enjoy the rain!

SACHIN PARIKH: “Rain brings out all the happy moments and wonderful memories. When you live in Mumbai, rain has a special place in your heart. As it is the season of relaxing, having coffee or tea and pakodas, I try to cherish each and every moment of it. It’s sad that we have only four months of monsoon in India.”

GAURAV S BAJAJ: When I think of Rain the Smell of wet mud comes to my mind and mouthwatering Butta (sweet corn).
I would wish to go for a long drive to any hill station or maybe sit back at home in the balcony with my favourite okay list songs and sip Hot Coffee with some pyaj ka pakoras.

ROHIT BHARDWAJ: “I like spending my time sitting in my bedroom window with cup pf tea and bhajiya to eat. Rains gives a very vibrant feeling.”

VIVIAN DSENA: “Watch the rains pouring with my partner in Indian style some pakodas and ginger wali chai. Preferably on a beach front during a sunset with rains.”

HIMMANSHOO ASHOK MALHOTRA: “I love rains ! It reminds me if long drive to Lonavla with monsoons showering on my car windshield and everything around me looking beautiful and green ! It’s super beautiful ! I would want to drench myself with my wife on the top of our terrace and dance and enjoy the first monsoon rains ! It’s going to be amazing”

ROOP DURGAPAL: “Rain reminds me of romance and long drives .. I specially love thunderstorms. Growing up on old bollywood movies, rains have always been a symbol of eternal romance for me. Earlier, in my hometown, which is a hill station,i would go out in rain, wait for thunderstorms and have a lot of fun getting drenched as the rain there is pure just as the atmosphere but now I just enjoy it looking from my window. Or else I go for a drive to lonawala or khandala which are mini versions of my home town and remind me of my childhood.”

RAMAN HANDA: “Rainy season is one of the seasons I enjoy the most but only the road conditions n water logging are two things that puts me off. Whenever I think of rains I visualize Bike Ride. I love riding bike and getting wet in the rain.Now when I’ve just got engaged so my excitement level is super high as I’ve got a reason to have more bike rides in rains. It’s the most romantic feeling.”

TARUL SWAMI: “Considering it’s so hot now days looking fed for the rainy season I would like to go out for a long drive stop by and have a hot cup of chai with some close friends everything thing gets washed out and the world looks so much cleaner and colorful”

ROOPAL TYAGI: “Rain I am not very fond of rain especially while working. But if its an off day and I can just be at home.. With my loved ones and stare outside the balcony then I love rain. I just prefer having lots of hot coffee when it rains.. Its my favourite thing to do and mom makes pakodas. So just have coffee and pakoda a laze around is my favourite thing to do when it rains. This monsoon I want go to ooty. Because its just gorgeous in the rain!”

HIMMANSHU SONI: “Rainy day definitely brings in lots of romance and coziness in my mind. On a rainy day I like to go on long drive with my special friends and chill on a highway. As this bring in the best greenery of nature out for us. On a rainy day generally I’m shooting, but yes an outdoor travel with my loved ones in my favorite car, having tea out on road, bhutta, hot bhajia would be ideal way on spending a day under rains.”

JAY SONI: “You cannot not like rains. I love the outdoor activities like playing football, cricket and long drives or listening to heart melting rain songs of Bollywood when I am forced to stay indoor.”

MAHIKA SHARMA: “I feel during rains we have the best skin and we look best. We can style and chill in the best way. We can enjoy foods. I love to have more and more tea as I come from the land of tea, Assam. Even I love to see kids dancing and enjoying the rain and I wish to join them out. Rain brings life not only to us but all living organisms.”

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