Karan Patel and Ritvik Dhanjani are now ‘SAFE’ from Amit Barik!

Karan Patel, Ritvik Dhanjani, Amit Barik

Mumbai: Famous television actors Karan Patel and Ritvik Dhanjani were in problem from a long interval of time and the reason behind the problem was a person named Amit Barik.

If sources are to be believed then Amit was blackmailing the two actors from a long interval of time against the video clip where the actors were talking something objectionable against the well known and in power political leaders.

According to police, Anti Extortion Cell of the crime branch, Mumbai has arrested Amit Barik near Oshiwara, when he came to take the amount of 15 Lakhs.

It has been informed that Amit has asked the actors to offer him an amount of 25 Lakh or else he will release the video clip in media.

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