Iftaar party on the sets of Rajan Shahi’s Tere Sheher mein!

Iftaar party, Rajan Shahi, Tere Sheher mein

Mumbai: Recently,TV producer Rajan Shahi who is known for pampering his actors threw an Iftaar party on the sets of his new show Tere sheher mein.

“It is the auspicious holy month of Ramzan and the entire team of TSM bonded together,” says Rajan “It’s a team which works hard and it was a good experience

The next Iftaar party will be on Yeh Rishta kya kehlata hai set. As it’s a huge cast comprising forty five people everybody’s dates are being worked on because I want none of the team members to miss it. The Yeh Ristha unit has Iftaar party every year as a tradition”

Producer with a golden heart had also invited stars from his previous shows like Adaa Khan who was featured in Amrit Manthan. “Rajan sir is a father figure. He always invites us to his every party,” shares Adaa Khan “Even on the sets of Amrit Manthan the production use to sponsor the Iftaar party. He has always respected all the religions. On the sets of Tere Sheher Mein Rajan sir was taking care of arrangements, we chatted and enjoyed the food. Spending informal time with the co-actors help to create a bonding beyond camera. So overall, the party was amazing.”

The cast and crew members sat sipping delicious Falooda and scrumptious culets and kheechda. It seems that it is worth keeping roza just to attend RajanShahi’s Iftaar party. We cant wait for Yeh Ristha Iftaari Party hope we would be invited!

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