Costume assistant Ansari was making Television actress MMS video from a long time

Costume assistant, Television actress, MMS video

New Delhi: Bollywood or Television actress MMS video leak was always a point of discussion in the industry. Recently, an incident that could make you aware how these incidents comes and get viral in the industry.

As per the latest updates, a popular television actress’s costume designer has been taken under custody and he has been accused of make the video of actress when she was in changing room.

In relation to this it has been informed that the incident took place on 8th July, 2015 during a shoot for a television show in a Bunglow positioned at Madh Island.

This place came under limelight when the actress entered the changing room and seen a hidden mobile phone placed under the dressing table and the mobile phone was on video recording mode and not only this it has also been added that the actress has also found many more video of her which was shooted when she was changing her dress.

During an investigation it has been disclosed that the mobile phone was owned by a costume assistant named Abdul Qayyum Ansari. In relation to this a complaint was filed at Mumbai police station against him and the person has been taken under custody.

Sources informed that the costume assistant has been released against a bond of Rs 15000 with a cash deposit of Rs 7,000.”

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