Athiya Shetty makes a donation to save sea life!

Athiya Shetty

Athiya Shetty can make you want to adopt animals with the amount of adorable pictures she clicks with her pets and posts over her Instagram handle. An animal lover, the gorgeous actress has made a donation for the cause of cleaning beaches.

Knowing the deplorable state of our beaches, the stunner thought it’s time to clean the habitat we share with our counterparts beyond the sea shores. Athiya, who has associated with causes dedicated to animal protection earlier, feels strongly about the adverse effects that water pollution has brought on to the ecosystem of our seas.

Talking about this initiative, Athiya says, “We have been taught all through school and college that our planet is running out of resources. But, if you take a good look at history, mankind has always got what it needed and almost always at the cost of animals and plants. Our concern should not be worrying about resources for us because we’ll find a way to fulfill our needs with the technology we have. Our concern should be ecological degradation.”

Adds Athiya, “Diversity is dying out. Aquatic animals have been suffering and it’s all our doing. The pollution had already made an irreversible damage a long time ago. It’s time that as inhabitants of this planet we clean up our act and let the animal kingdom coexist with us.” is owned & managed by Media Minds Solutions


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