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Neetu Agarwal plans to make a come back in Tollywood industry!

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Mumbai: Well known actress Neetu Agarwal, who was under discussion from a long interval of time in relation to her relation with Mastan Vali, who was involved in Redsandalood smuggling.

As per the latest updates, actress Neetu has now admitted that she had a relation with Mastan Vali. During a conversation, she said that the duo fell in love while shooting for the film ‘Prema Prayanam’ and got married later. Other than that, rest others are baseless rumors.

Neetu added, “I don’t have any connection with the smuggling and in fact I don’t even know that Mastan was doing such kind of activities. The thing is, he used my debit card for all the transactions relating to the Red Sandalwood that was the reason for my name to come into limelight.”

Along with this she said, now the actress is open for films again in Tollywood. After this much of the controversy, Neetu acting in the film can definitely create anxiousness among the audience. Because we generally love to know about controversies and the people involved in it right?

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