The greener side of Goa

Goa: While the sun, sand and sea are the first images that come to one’s mind when you hear the…


Goa: While the sun, sand and sea are the first images that come to one’s mind when you hear the word ‘Goa’, in reality this state is blessed with so much more natural beauty that it will delight even the most discerning traveler. This World Environment Day, take some time to soak in the beauty that Goa is so naturally blessed with.

1) Bamanbudo Waterfalls: This spectacular waterfall is located in Canacona. Bamanbudo waterfall flows down along the rocks looking more like a waterslide than a waterfall. The waterfall flows right by the roadside and is easily accessible. Since the water slides down the rocks, there is no well at the bottom and bathing is fun due to the force of the water. Other than this, there are streams rushing down the slopes, churning out milky foam amidst the breathtaking scenery.

2) Chorla Ghats: is located right on the north-eastern side of the Goa-Karnataka-Maharashtra boundaries. Chorla ghat is a tropical forest and now a eco-tourism destination. It is a part of the western ghats in the Sahyadri mountain range. Tourists can go explore, go bird watching, butterfly spotting and enjoy nothing but pure nature. It’s an excellent weekend getaway destination especially the neighbouring states.

3) Netravalli – Bubbling lake: This is an interesting lake in Sanguem taluka called the Netravali Bubbling lake It has continuous bubbles emerging on the lake surface and upon clapping the intensity of the bubbles grow with live springs suddenly gushing out in full spectacle.

4) Cumbarjua canal: The only place in Goa where crocodiles can actually be seen in the wild.The huge deadly-looking crocodiles with dagger-teeth are seen in the wild right here in Goa in the narrow creek that intrudes into the thick mangrove jungle near Cumbarjua village. Most crocodiles that live herespend their days sunbathing on the muddy banks of the canal watching visitors pass by in their canoes.

5) Bhagwan Mahavir wildlife sanctuary: The epicenter for all creatures small and natural in Goa is the Mollem National park and the Bhagvan Mahaveer wildlife sanctuary. It is a haven for reptile researchers. The Mollem National park offers trails of various degrees from easy to highly difficult and regular sightings of Leopard, Gaur and sloth bears amongst others.