Pushpa Milind Bhole appointed at a President of Mumbai Pradesh Mahila Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP)

Pushpa Milind Bhole, President, Mumbai Pradesh, Mahila, Bahujan Samaj Party, BSP

Mumbai: A great social worker, politician Mrs. Pushpa Milind Bhole appointed as a President of Mumbai Pradesh Mahila BSP. Mrs. Pushpa Milind Bhole is ever ready to  help the humanity at any given time. Pushpa Bhole believes in helping needy people especially the widows and seniors citizens of the society. She played a lead role in saving the rights of Senior Citizen and Widows.

She said, “I am very happy that I am appointed as a President of BSP Mumbai Pradesh Mahila. I am here just because of people, I’ll fight for women’s dignity and respect in the society. I will focus on development work which I had done. I am happy in Social Work.” Bolllywood actress Salma Agha, friend of Pushpa Bhole was  present at the event and she congratulated  Pushpa Milind Bhole.

On 29th may 2007 Pushpa Milind bhole had established “Shubhmangalam Charitable Trust” to help poor and needy people. Through this Trust she started doing social work in Mumbai. The Trust is blooming with colors through various  slum areas of Mumbai which has given huge support and complement from People. The Trust has also been keen about giving ration to the poor people. From clothes to expenses for studies, trust has helped children in various ways. Trust activities also include the help for marriages in Hindu-Muslim societies.

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