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Alone Movie Review: Go for it if you are ‘Alone’

Movie Review, Alone, Karan Singh Grover, Bipasha Basu

Mumbai: The spooky genre in Bollywood got glamorous after Bipasha Basu entered the scary zone and the actress got crowned as the ‘Horror Queen’. Every year the actress has a spooky treat for her fans and this time she is not ‘Alone’ as but in the company of her conjoined twins.

Bipasha has joined force with Bhushan Patel of ‘Ragini MMS 2’ director who has also roped in the superstar of TV Karan Grover Singh Grover. The remake of 2007 Thai horror film titled ‘Alone’ and now Patel is trying to adapt the same to suit Indian Sanjana and Anjana are two conjoined twins who are destined to be dependent to each other for life, both swear to stay together.

However ‘love’ pulls them apart as the duo fall in love with the same man Kabir (Karan Singh Grover). Anjana and Sanjana both undergo the life threatening surgery which will help them lead individual lives unfortunately tragedy strikes and only one survives. The plot gets interesting when an angry spirit haunts the surviving sister and her spouse.

Bipasha is casted just right; she does full justice to the role and managed to look stunning and scary in the same movie. All Bips fans are in for a treat as the actress has delivered a knockout performance. Karan does just what was expected of him he compliments Bips and comes across strong and makes a decent debut.

‘Katra Katra’ is one track in the movie that is euphonious and the song visuals does justice to the track. Awara is a soulful song and captures the beauty of Kerala. Touch my body adds a nice pop flavour to the movie Director Bhushan Patel has huge expectations from the audiences as his last Ragini MMS 2 was a huge success.

Patel does deliver as there at on the edge f the seat moments but eventually thrills as they seem to die down to soon. Director of Photography Prakash Kutty tries to create spooky environment by mixing lights and other elements.. Shagufta Rafique fails to make an impact with her dialogues in Alone like the way she did in the past. Editor Devendra Murdeshwar is not able to keep the movie crisp as there are few portions that could be easily cut off.

Alone is a right cocktail of sex and horror a drink preferred by many cinemagoers. It is the usual run of the mill horror flick, but for people who love this genre can go for it as it’s worth a watch. So if you are Alone this weekend then head to watch this horror flick.

By Kommal D Seth


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