Mumbai: Foodhall, a premium lifestyle food superstore ushers in to the summers with a food festival: CANTINA – THE MEXICAN FIESTA that will highlight the myriad aspects of Mexican cuisine all through the month of April. The rich culinary tradition of Mexican cuisine is diverse, traced back to Native American Aztec and Mayan traditions, as well as Spanish colonial influences, resulting in a prevalence of corn, bean and rice based dishes. The reason this palate goes well with our taste buds is due to its spice flavors – the freshly made wraps and pinto beans simmered in rich puree of tomatoes is almost like the Rajma, we cook in North Indian homes.

The Mexican trail at Foodhall @ Palladium begins at the fresh juice bar with a tall glass of Fresh Watermelon Agua Fresca & Jalapeno Lemonade to beat the heat. Wrapped in the décor of Mexicano, the live demo counter at Foodhall will be whipping some Black Bean homemade Tostadas, the sunny side-up of Huevos Rancheros straight from the Mexican farms, Jalapeno & Mango Quesadillas and Mushroom & Spinach Enchiladas. For quick tastings, the store has sampled 5 layered dip, black bean dip, nachos cheese sauce, chipotle and tomato salsa, pineapple salsa, raw mango salsa, chopped jalapenos to tickle your taste buds.

The Cool Salsa Verde Bar
Just like a dedicated guacamole bar which is oh-so-avocadolicious, Foodhall is introducing Salsa Verde Corner this month – a sauce made from tomatillos (Mexican green tomatoes) which can be served with nacho chips, as a side, on top of huevos rancheros or in a burrito. In addition, the sampling of Enchilada & Chimichurri sauce (great as a marinade with paneer, chicken and vegetable) will further enhance the Mexican feel of the store.

Sinful Indulgence
From Tres le che, Coconut flan, Churros with chocolate dipping sauce to Taco shells, Spinach and Beetroot nachos and Tostadas, the bakery & patisserie section at Foodhall is churning out some mouth-watering treats.

Made fresh at the Salad & Sandwich Counter, the scrumptious Taco Salad, Elote, Burritos and marinated Chicken Breast in Piri Piri, Chimichurri marinated river sole, Cajun spiced lamb and more will leave your tummy wanting for more!

Cheesy, Very Cheesy Cuisine!
Mexico’s iconic dishes such as tacos, enchiladas, frijoles, all involve cheese. Crumbled, grated, sliced or melted – Cheddar, Monterey Jack and Cotija cheese in Mexican dishes contribute to salty, tangy flavors of Mexico and offset some of the heat from chilies and spices.

Enhancing the Mexican Flavor Profile with Exotic Spices
The ASA spice section at Foodhall stocks-up condiments and spices like varied range of chilies, Mexican oregano (that gives this cuisine a rich earthy flavor), cumin (jeera), peppers, taco seasonings, fajita seasoning, paprika powders and Cajun spice mix.

Add Mexican food chef in my bio, please!
The Mexican days at Foodhall is offering exhaustive range of kitchen aid such as Sizzler plates, Mango peelers, Avocado slicers, Lemon zesters, Mortar, Pestle, Taco presses, Tortilla bowls and more!

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