Rahul Ahuja: Story of a social worker, food blogger and traveler

Rahul Ahuja, Food blogger

Social Work is one of the most prestigious professions in our country. But what if you get to know that a Social worker turned out to be a food blogger! It sounds next to impossible because we people have heard a lot that if a person is a social worker then he or she needs to be on the field 24/7 and on the other hand Rahul Ahuja proved it wrong.

One of the best traits of a human is to give it back to society. In other words, it means to contribute by giving the best to the society. Rahul Ahuja, a professional Social Worker is a true enabler whose main focus is towards enabling the underprivileged section of the society.

Besides this, he is also pretty famous across social media platforms especially his Instagram handle @eatsindia – Where he has a family of more than thirty thousand followers.

In some conversation caught along, Rahul found it amazing to share the thrill and fun he gets with his bout of solo traveling. According to him, he wanted to work in something that he is passionate about and travel and food are just the two topics that enticed him.
Rahul Ahuja ‘eatsindia’ is a young 29-year-old successful Food Blogger. He is an amazing person who believes “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them,” by Walt Disney.

He is a Post Graduate from Amity University and kick-started with his Instagram page eatsindia. It’s been a voyage as a food blogger.

His photography skills got recognition from the people on social media networks and he soon became a brand in the business. He is one who can ditch anything for traveling and is the one who captures every single moment.

The zenith of the food industry is making your own statement, but serve it to your admirers before the idea becomes cosmopolitan. The road, however, was excessively challenging for him. He thinks one needs behemoth amount of followers followed by an idea that portrays your authenticity and then finally the skill of capturing the essence and beauty of FOOD.

Rahul Ahuja has quintessentially tried to highlight and check all these factors and here he is presenting to the fraternity of food, his thought process and his ideas as to how it is done in the most efficacious manner.

Rahul is not just a blogger, but a real influencer with all the efforts to make his mark on the international stage with his will and style of personifying food just like glam and fashion.

Rahul’s vision and style is dope but all these factors come with the point of food, taste and whilst the followers can’t smell it, he tries that mere sight of it makes it as appealing as it right in front of them which is why brands are eager to collaborate with him.

Rahul Ahuja has literally proved that you don’t need anyone to move forward towards your milestone all you need to do is work hard for it. is owned & managed by Media Minds Solutions


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