Monsoon Special: Be a perfect mother Tips from Rushali Risbud!

Mumbai: The hot and sexy fame of ‘Teacher’ in Zee TV. Later on did a number of television shows and…

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Mumbai: The hot and sexy fame of ‘Teacher’ in Zee TV. Later on did a number of television shows and captured many hearts from her look and skills. Popular Actress Rushali Risbud is now a mother to 2 years old baby girl. She shares some tips for new moms about keeping the babies healthy!

The hot Rushali Risbud, whom we asked about the feeling of being a mother and if her lifestyle changed. She shares, “The feelings are inexpressible! The joy, the tears and the feeling is so profound! And Yes! Life changes 360 degrees. Sleep becomes a luxury.”

Sharing the important role and responsibilities a mother should always keep in mind to keep her child healthy, she adds, “I personally feel that a good diet, sleep and hygiene will keep a baby healthy. The maximum brain development of an infant happens when baby is sleeping so sleep is crucial for growth. Also a well fed baby is a happy baby. Make sure you are feeding the baby well, also move to mashed fruits/ veggies from 6/7 months. They accept whole meals better later on. That has been my experience And of course lots of love. Above all have to mention this with lots n lots of hugs and love works wonders.”

When we focused on the ongoing Monsoon the actress pointed some points a mother should always be concerned during the rain, She adds, “Due to the change in weather there is always a viral going. See that your child is hydrated, feed lots of fruits and vegetables. Also in rains make sure that he/she stays dry.”

Working ladies are kind busy and they don’t get time to spend with their kids. So mostly working mother appoints a maid for the upbringing of their child! We asked the actress about it and what she feels, Rushali tells, “In some countries the maternity leave is 9 months. What choice do they have? Speaking for myself, I choose to stay at home and take care of my child because I want to. I wish to enjoy each moment. I have fantasy to see my child’s first smile, first walk, her first tooth and everything a child does for the first time. People are differently driven. May be they don’t think or want to be part of all of this.”

Rushali is for sure one of the best mother but we cant deny the fact she is one of the best actress too. With lot of beauty and skills she have got many fans and followers who are waiting for her come back, when we asked her about returning on screen the actress comments, “Yes, I definitely want to get back to work. I am getting offers but its my luck that all the good work comes when you can’t take it up. And I hope these kind nice people will keep offering me good roles once my daughter settles down in her school , I’ll resume my work”

Rushali for sure once you come back you will get the same love from your fans and followers. We wish a bright future for your daughter!