Gauhar Khan launched her clothing line “Gauherjeous”

Actress and Model Gauhar Khan launched her own clothing line named ‘Gauherjeous’ along with her parents, sister Nigaar Z. Khan…

Gauhar Khan, Gauherjeous

Actress and Model Gauhar Khan launched her own clothing line named ‘Gauherjeous’ along with her parents, sister Nigaar Z. Khan , Gautam Rode and Pankhuri Awasthy on Thursday in Mumbai.

When asked Gauhar what prompted her to come up with her own clothing line, Gauhar said, “I thought of launching my own fashion line because people expect that I should have my own fashion line as my followers appreciate my fashion sense then I said why not, because I feel no dream is too big to achieve so if you work towards it then it is pretty much possible and that’s how it turned out.”

“It was an emotional moment for me because I am youngest daughter of my family and for me, to turn into a businesswoman with on backing and no support. I think we need to have some courage then I feel everything is possible”

Gauhar launched her clothing line on her mother’s birthday, sharing that feeling, Gauhar said, “What better day it could be than my mom’s birthday as she has been my ultimate fashionista since my childhood. As a kid, I used to always admire the way our mom dressed us up.”

“Even though we had a humble living but my mom would make sure that she would not make her kids step out of the house without socks and shoes and also clips in my hair. My sense of style comes a lot from my mother and the way she kept us. Her saris would mesmerize everybody around her and I used to always take pride in the way my mom carried her personality in any outfit she wore be it nightwear or saris.”

When asked Gauhar what difficulties she faced while making her dream come true, she said, “I sacrificed lot of time for this venture because I used to be busy in my professional work and travelling and then to be a businesswoman, it requires lot of involvement right from sourcing each cloth, then designing and manufacturing it. I don’t have any outside factory to whom I am giving this workload to design for my fashion line so it required lot of hard work”

Talking about her clothing line ‘Gauharjeous’, Gauhar said, “It’s called ‘Gauharjeous’ and what better name because it has my name and it signify what I stand for. My brand is for girls who feel confident and who wants to lead ahead in their life that’s why you have to be ‘Gauharjeous’.