Mumbai: All of us do look up to Bollywood actors and actresses to show us a little about fitness. Certainly, if there is anybody from whom we can learn about being fit, it is the Bollywood stars and these are certainly the ones that we would look up to for some inspiration.

Shweta Khanduri is every girl’s envy on fashion and health front. The upfront & ambitious actress revels her fitness mantra. For whoso ever thinks that the starlet must be depriving herself from delicacies, to your surprise you have been filled with the wrong news. The actress says the secret behind her perfect figure is not any crash diet, but a combination of regular workouts and healthy eating.

Reveling about fitness mantra, Shweta Khanduri says “In this age of treadmills and ab crunchers, I am completely into yoga. I think yoga has changed my life. I feel that the most vital aspect of yoga is meditation which helps me compartmentalize things in life by giving me inner strength. The day I don’t do it, I feel that my day doesn’t go well and I haven’t completed a task that I had to do. Yoga keeps my mind, body and soul fit. I suggest that everyone must include yoga in their workout”

“I am extremely conscious about my diet & workout & follow it religiously which is probably the secret to my toned body. Also it is important to maintain that kind of body to survive in this industry where there is hardly any room for flaws” says Shweta.

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