Johnny Marr writing autobiography

Johnny Marr, autobiography

Mumbai: Johnny Marr is writing an autobiography following requests from his fans, and has revealed the book will be published in autumn 2016.

The Smiths co-founder has announced he will release the tell-all book in hardback and as an e-book in autumn 2016, having been inspired to write his memoirs following countless requests from his fans.

He revealed: “For the past few years as I’ve been out on tour promoting my solo work fans and journalists have been asking me when I’ll write my book. I’m very happy to say that the time has come to tell my story.”

The 51-year-old singer-songwriter – who has been married to wife Angie Marr for 30 years – launched his solo career in 2013 with ‘The Messenger’, shortly followed by ‘Playland’ in 2014, and is expected to reveal details about his decision to go solo in the book, as well as information about life in The Smiths and his work with other acts including Sir Paul McCartney, Modest Mouse, The Cribs and The Pretenders.

Fans will also be hoping the ‘The Charming Man’ rocker will spill the beans on his personal friendships with Oasis rocker Noel Gallagher and Morrissey, with whom he founded The Smiths.

Century Publishing Director, Ben Dunn said: “It’s the book Smiths fans have been waiting their whole lives and the early material that Johnny has written is utterly breath-taking. I’m delighted that Johnny has chosen Century to be his publisher.”

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