Wedding Vows ties up with Zoya from Tata for its sizzling annual Jewellery

Mumbai: It’s a craze, it’s a passion, and it’s an obsession! The sparkle of bridal jewellery always further enhances the…

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Mumbai: It’s a craze, it’s a passion, and it’s an obsession! The sparkle of bridal jewellery always further enhances the beauty of a bride on her special day. Apart from the wedding attire, wedding jewellery in India plays a vital role to help a bride look her best on the D-Day. It is surprising what those little pieces of trinkets can do for a woman! Make your wedding a dream come true with the jewellery that you desire the most. Team Wedding Vows presents to you our annual ‘Jewellery Special Issue’ to make your wedding jewellery shopping experience worthy of your investments and one of the most treasured moments of your life.

Talking about the Jewellery Special, Mr. Dakshna Moorthy N Naidu, The Chief Editor and Publisher, Wedding Vows Magazine, mentioned, “Giving a sparkling start to the New Year, Wedding Vows brings you a jewellery special this January. This is a must-have issue for all your jewellery related queries and considerations.
And not just us, we’ve even got the experts talking to you about what’s trending in jewellery as well as suggestions for that perfect bling you always wanted. Meet industry biggies – jewellery designerFarah Khan Ali and TarangArora, CEO Amrapali.

In 2015, we continue to bring give you a variety of informative articles. Whether it’s tips on buying the right kind of jewellery or things to note carefully before you plan on investing in gold, diamonds or platinum. We also explore ageless jewellery for elderly women. Whether you’re 16 or 60, let bling be your thing!

As the world goes digital, we compare online v/s offline jewellery shopping experiences and lay it all out there for you. We discuss the pros and cons of it all. Read on and you may be surprised by the information we provide.
Before I end, I would like to thank you all for your unending support this year and look forward to your company in 2015 as well. With your kind wishes, Wedding Vows will be celebrating its 4th anniversary this year with a bumper, combined February-March issue. Follow our FB page for more on that!”

On the cover is ‘The Inheritance’ collection byZoya, the chain of luxury diamond boutiques from the House of Tata unfolding a breath-taking journey. The jewellery intricately designed and made by expert craftsmen, is a legacy for generations. A blend of delicate ivory, enamel and gold, diamonds and luminous pearls give the collection a contemporary yet regal look.

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