The Ramp dazzled with “Glam Icon”

Mumbai: The judges of the show chose the “Glam icon “2014 judges were Aneel Muraraka, Dr.Ruby Tandon for radiant skin…

The Ramp, Glam Icon

Mumbai: The judges of the show chose the “Glam icon “2014 judges were Aneel Muraraka, Dr.Ruby Tandon for radiant skin and well being, Dr.Makani for hair expert, hair and makeup Bharat and Dorris, Assem Merchant an designers Anjali  and Arjun kapoor.

A bevy of other performers as well, kept everyone entertained with livewire dance and musical performances.

The lucky winner who flaunGlitz and glamour, gloss and shine; “Glam Icon” – A thrilling model hunt in association with Smoke Studio, the evening of glitz, glam and fashion was held at the one of the plush shopping malls in the town. The gathering was engaging and entertaining as it rained fashion with models walking the ramp and turning heads.

While the fashion event was judged by Industrialist and Philanthropist Aneel Murarka, also included Dr. Ruby Tandon and Dr. Makani, Bharat and Dorris who had a tough time choosing the undisputed winner. And the runner ups Setting the tone for the evening the judge of “Glam Icon” Aneel Murarka shared a few words of wisdom, congratulating and wishing luck to the contestants. Keeping up with the fashionable event, Dr. Ruby Tandon and Dr. Makani were at their stylish best and dressed to impress.

The fashion event was anchored by the very charismatic Kushal Punjabi who spinned his magic and kept the audience engaged with his wit, energy & charm. Apart from Kushal’s anchoring the extravaganza also witnessed captivating performance of effervescent & handsome Umesh Pherwani who has belted the titles of acting, modeling, writing and stand up comedian, he went on to exhibiting some of his dance moves which kept everyone grooving.ted the tiara and wore the sash won a one year contract with the mall for fashion shoots & promotions and will be managed by Smoke Studio which was nothing but the dream come true.

A bevy of guests from the glamour and fashion world showed up in number to take part in the fashionable extravaganza and congratulate the winners.

Amidst some great entertaining performances, glamorous guests & a scrumptious spread, the judges and the jury surely had a tough time deciding the winner.