Swara Bhaskar’s jholaa style!

Swara Bhaskar

Raanjhanaa and Tanu Weds Manu Returns actress, the talented Swara Bhaskar is known to have a bohemian and fun fashion sense. She is also one of the new breed of upcoming stars in the industry who have made it in the industry without a godfather. Swara has revealed that in the early days in Bombay one of the first people she met was director Sudhir Mishra and he gave her a tip.

“Sudhir sir took one look at me. I was those fresh-of-the-boat, straight-out-of-university type aspiring actors. I remember Sudhir sir looking at my khaadi kurta and jeans and jholaa, and with a poker straight face he said to me, ‘Lose that jholaa!’ And almost by reflex i clutched it and exclaimed, ‘NO! It’s my soul!’ And he burst out laughing.
Well! i learnt to wear heels and dress up for red carpet events but i still have my jholaa.”

And indeed, Swara is known to be an avid jholaa collector. A friend confirms, “Swara has innumerable jholaas of different kinds and styles. Wherever she goes, she picks up a new one. On a recent London trip, we thought she would bring back an LV or the like, but sure enough.. what she brought was a jholaa!!!!”

Wow! Here’s an actress who is unpretentious and really clinging to her roots unabashedly. Good for her.

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