Ranveer Singh’s moustache magic in vogue with #BajiraoMovember!

Ranveer Singh, moustache, vogue, #BajiraoMovember

The trailer of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s magnum opus has been received with an unprecedented response as the creative maverick brings to life a forgotten era.

Telling a tale, he has been yearning to capture on celluloid , Bhansali presents his lead Ranveer Singh in a never-seen-before avatar as Bajirao,sporting a bald look and a fine mustache reminiscent of the kind that was sported in the early 1700’s.

Sources reveal that the actor’s fan base ,are loving his drastically different look in the film and are popularizing what they call the #BajiraoMovember movement .The social media platform is in a frenzy with Ranveer’s look in Bajirao Mastani with several fans sending images to Ranveer of them sporting the mustache.

Says Ranveer, “During the initial stages of the filming process I had to stick a fake moustache since I didn’t have the time to grow a real one before we commenced filming. It was very difficult to shoot with the stick-on mooch. But the two-month delay caused by my shoulder injury gave me just enough time to grow out my real one, replete with the curled handlebars and the works. I have grown to become quite attached to my moustache. I curl it in the mornings and play with it all day. I feel it’s a serious style statement ; it gives a guy an edge & an attitude. The #BajiraoMovember movement has picked up and fans are sending in their pictures of their ‘mooch’ . I love seeing them! I check all out myself – I find them very cute and rather amusing! The fashion fraternity often credits me with bringing back the moustache as a style statement and I’m very grateful for that.”

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