Pernia Qureshi to enter Bollywood!

Pernia Qureshi, Bollywood

Mumbai: Stylist Pernia Qureshi is already ready with her first film as an actress, but somehow she is not ready to show it anyone till a special somebody sees it, before you let you imagination runs wild, we are not talking about any handsome man in Pernia life.

Apparently the actress is a huge fan of Madhuri Dixit and wants the actress to share her opinion on the film before anyone else lays eyes on it.

Few know that Pernia is an accomplished dancer and it is hardly a surprise that she is a big fan of the dancing diva Dixit, given Qureshi has worked closely with the members of the industry as a stylist she has known most of the stars very closely however when it comes to Madhuri Dixit, Pernia admits she cannot be a cool, composed person she usually is. The actress who is debuting with Muzaffar Ali’s JAANISAAR says the first time she saw Dixit, she was so tongue tied she could hardly speak to her greatest inspiration. To think, for someone who is as talented and successful to have her first star moment!

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