Lakme Fashion Week 2015: ‘Indira Et Amrita’ by Nikasha Unravelled

Mumbai: Ace designer Nikasha presented her collection ‘Indira et Amrita’ at the Lakme Fashion Week W|F 2015 on Saturday, 29th…

Lakme Fashion Week 2015, Nikasha

Mumbai: Ace designer Nikasha presented her collection ‘Indira et Amrita’ at the Lakme Fashion Week W|F 2015 on Saturday, 29th August 2015. This collection is inspired by two women, born to a Hungarian Jewish opera singer mother and an Indian Sikh aristocrat scholar father, The Shergill Sisters – Amrita and Indira. It is an imaginative interpretation of their lives together if they were alive!

Nikasha feels, “This collection is an interpretation of the imagined life of the sisters – Indira et Amrita, had they been alive today! I was excited to showcase a visual representation of a whole new way of life – a life of progressive modernity, leisure and luxury!!”

A fascinating combination of east and west came together in this collection. The designer has woven together the characteristics of both Amrita and Indira to create inspiring outfits. The predominant highlights of this collection include Art Deco elements like chic geometrical patterns to vintage lily of the valley, to scallops and cherry blossom prints.

One could also see extravagantly detailed elements like fringes and hand-embroidery brought to life using elegant crystals and pearls. The signature hand embroidered crescent moon typical to the 1920’s beautifully blended in the collection.

The idea of adding a contemporary twist to vintage styles shone through the line of designs. This Winter/Festive collection is undoubtedly the most desirable collection of the season with flamboyant colors that the designer is known for with silhouettes ranging from low waist flapper inspired jumpsuits to bias cut double tiered sari inspired tops, cowl pants with strappy tops, fringed kimono and gathered sharara pants. Artistic creations like the silk jersey draped sari skirt with an off shoulder drape top, brocade blouses with embroidered seams speak volumes about the background and thought behind this collection.

The dresses were accentuated with elegant head pieces, crystal encrusted clutches and other stand-out elements. These finishing touches were completed by Nikasha Pink accessories handcrafted with pearls, feathers, fringes, printed & embroidered fabric.

The imagined lives of two progressive women expressed in the form of fashion was quite a visual delight to witness. Amrita was a woman way ahead of her times and one of India’s most compelling figures in the 20th Century.

While Indira, a quintessentially beautiful woman, was more traditionally rooted and was the sole companion to Amrita’s turbulent and short life. This collection goes to explore the relationship and the dichotomy of their lives together and apart. Nikasha drew inspiration from the lives of two sisters who in every way radiated a life of progressive modernity, leisure and luxury!!