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You won’t believe who gifted Deepika Padukone this gorgeous royal saree!

Deepika Padukone, royal saree

Deepika Padukone recently stunned everyone by donning a lovely royal red saree at the wedding of her childhood friend. It is an unknown fact that the pretty red saree was gifted to Deepika by none other than the yesteryear diva Rekha.

Rekha who is known as the epitome of beauty has always gone ahead to show her kind gestures towards the beautiful Padmavati actress. Decked in a red saree with elaborate golden embroidery, golden choker adding a touch of traditionalism, her hair in her signature style, slicked back in a bun.

Everyone in the wedding couldn’t stop praising Deepika in that saree, they kept on asking her about the saree to which she proudly said it is Rekha ji’s gift to me. The Saree was personally gifted by Rekha to Deepika post the release of Bajirao Mastani.

No doubt to the fact that Deepika is one of the most beautiful actresses of this generation, and getting a royal saree in a gift from a diva like Rekha is a fortune.

When Deepika decided to wear a Banarasi saree for the function she automatically chose the saree given by Rekha to her.

Deepika went out of the way to complete the look. So, she was decked in a red sari with a golden choker adding a touch of traditionalism. She also did her hair in her signature style — slicked back in a bun.

The overall effect of Deepika Padukone’s beauty has always created a rage on the internet and this can surely be one of your go-to looks for this wedding season. Thanks to Rekha’s love for Deepika Padukone.

A couple of days back Rekha presented an award to Deepika were she praised her a lot.

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