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Suyyash Rai blames Mandana Karimi’s publicist for her dabangg attitude on Bigg Boss!

Suyyash Rai, Mandana Karimi, publicist, dabangg, Bigg Boss

Evicted contestant Suyyash Rai is crying aloud after his elimination from India’s No.1 reality show Bigg Boss. And he has found a scapegoat — Mandana Karimi’s publicist.

“I can say it with no qualms, that Rishabh and Mandana are the most fake people on the show. I am saying this openly, as Mandana’s PR (public relations) person, Dale Bhagwagar, told me openly that you will regret not choosing me as your PR and I recently came to know that he is handling Mandana’s PR,” (sic) he said in an interview immediately after his eviction.

“I could easily understand why is Mandana being what she is. There have been flashes of her being ‘human’, but soon she would realise it’s a show and she has to be what she is asked to be,” (sic) Suyyash added, pointing out that her publicist has thoroughly briefed her on survival tactics for the show.

On looking up Dale’s Twitter account, we realized that the Bigg Boss specialist who has handled PR for a full 20 contestants since its first season, had also spoken to Suyyash before the show. “I had interacted with 7 contestants (excluding Wild Cards) before the show began; incl. Suyyash (Rai), Kishwer (Merchant), Ankit (Gera), Roopal (Tyagi),” (sic) the PR guru admitted in a reply to a post, asking him about Suyyash’s claim.

In an earlier tweet, Dale had stated that he has “briefed Mandana on the lines of the art of war. You win; you break; you stand; you fight; you hold; you breathe; you fight back; you survive… somewhat on those lines and much more.”

“The underlining strategy is to be herself and showcase her true persona,” he had disclosed. As the Bigg Boss Double Trouble Season 9 Grand Finale draws near, the battle for the winner is getting hotter by the day, with Prince Narula, Rochelle Rao, Keith Sequeira, Kishwer Merchantt, Priya Malik, Rishabh Sinha and Mandana Karimi slugging it out for the top slot.

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