Sarah Jane Dias does a JLo in Zubaan!

Mumbai: Sarah Jane Dias who is all set to essay the role of a bohemian,free spirited singer in Mozez Singh’s…

Sarah Jane Dias, Zubaan

Mumbai: Sarah Jane Dias who is all set to essay the role of a bohemian,free spirited singer in Mozez Singh’s Zubaan, enjoyed playing the character that was sketched keeping in mind global popstar Jennifer Lopez.

Sources reveal that the coming-of-age musical, starring Masaan sensation Vicky Kaushal ,will feature Sarah Jane Dias in a never-seen-before avatar . Adding that her styling and character has been inspired by Jlo.

To bag the role, Sarah had a grueling audition process that included not just enacting a couple of scenes but also singing.Lucky for the actress, singing has always been a passion and a few minutes into the audition she was already cast in the role.

Adds the source, ” While her role in nothing like the popstar’s actual personality, the makers took inspiration from Jlo’s various looks from her music video.She plays a bohemian,free spirited singer and since the music in the film is not your typical fare there was a lot of global inspiration “.

Sarah says,”I’m a complete JLo fan girl so it was easier for me to relate to what the director (Mozez)had in mind…the songs are bright,vibrant and something that Bollywood has not completely explored…and then he wanted me to mix up the sexiness of Jlo with the shiny and effervescent disco feel of Nazia Hassan. it was fun playing a pop singer as it allowed me to have the best of both worlds and explore both my passions – singing and acting.”

  1. What is Sarah’s character in the film? What’s her name?
    -Sarah plays Amira in the film. Her character is a sexy soulful singer who is the musical heart and soul of the film. She is the music magnet in zubaan.

2.2. Are you a J.Lo fan?
-Yes i am huge fan of J.lo

  1. Dis you want Sarah to be styled as J.Lo or was it a happy coincedence?
    -For one of the songs, my inspiration was Jlo  as I wanted a young urban street vibe and then I mixed this up with a Nazia Hasan disco feel so that Amiras character would never be a copy of any one person but a mixture of many female pop stars that I have loved down the ages.