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Rishina Kandhari’s coincidence with Tri-Color

Rishina Kandhari, Tri-Color

Mumbai: Rishina Kandhari who is playing a fashionista in Tashan-e-Ishq loves to wear Tri-color both off-screen and on-screen.

Talking about her extraordinary choice, Rishina says, “I love wearing tricolour cloths on the special occasion like 26th January  or 15 August and especially during the cricket matches. I love the madness which runs in the blood of every Indian during that time. The way we hoist our flag or shout ‘India! India!’ with drums and trumpets just add to the patriotism and madness and love towards our country.”

All the Tri-color stand for different meanings. Explaining its significance Rishina says, “We all have learned a lot about our Indian flag in school also but the tri-colour and its significance like Saffron colour, indicating the strength and courage of the country, The white indicates peace and truth with Ashok Chakra and The green shows the fertility, growth and auspiciousness of the land. But for me, it stands for Pride. A patriotic feeling which comes from the bottom of my heart the feeling that gives you Goosebumps every time you sing Jana-gana-mana or shout Vande mataram. I think It is our duty and responsibility to honour the flag as it constantly reminds us of our hard earned freedom.”

Rishina is playing a fashion designer on her show and people generally associate her with fashion freak in real life too. Though the TV actress believes in creating a unique style rather than following the trends.

“Everyone has there on style. When you find it, you should stick to it. As I mentioned, I love to wear tri-colour clothes on some occasions but then true patriotism is in one’s self or how one feels about it. Everyone has its own and different perception. My views on patriotism are very normal. I am too a patriotic person.” Actress ends.

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