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Preetika Rao collaborates with Siddarth Basrur for her next single

Preetika Rao, Siddarth Basrur, next single

Ever since Actress Preetika Rao has been an actress she has always been found and had a passion for singing . It now that her dream come true she sang her first cover

Music is an intense art form which requires regular practice and dedication but being an actress I am always unable to dedicate time for music rehearsals so while recording my first song I realised that although o a born with an apptitute to sing, I am still lagging behind only due to lack of practice!

However in 2016 I started learning Drupad which is an intense form of Hindustani classical music from renowned vocalists from Indore Pandit Manoj Saraf and his wife Sulabha Saraf. They are acclaimed Drupad vocalists who are direct students of Padmashri Ustad Zia Fariduddin Dagar.

Manoj ji travels every month from Indore to Mumbai and gives me classes for a week. He also teaches students in Skype.

I’m quite blessed to have a trainer like him as there are many trainers but very few who are actually help you to become perfect singers.

I am soon coming up with my second song which is a collaboration with singer Siddharth Basrur who has sung popular Bollywood songs and who is front man of the metal band Goddess Gagged in Mumbai.

We have tried to come up with something different which I am sure the fans will really love.

Vishal J Singh has arranged the song and I am very excited and I really hope my fans will like my song this time! I am releasing it on 22nd Nov 2017 November release.

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