Mother’s Day: #KhattiMeethi memories of celebs for the day!

On mothers day, Celeb shares their ‘khatti meethi baatien’ and tries to make their day more special, remembering and wishing…

Mother's Day

On mothers day, Celeb shares their ‘khatti meethi baatien’ and tries to make their day more special, remembering and wishing Mothers Day! Read it out, for sure it will remind you even your khatti meethi memories

NAMIK PAUL: I think for a son there is always meetha rista with their mothers. So goes with me, I remember when I was admitted in the hospital for a week, she dropped everything and slept on the sofa and refused to leave me alone. That was really sweet memory. Mom is always been someone who’s gone above and beyond to make me and my sister happy, so almost all my memories are very sweet with her.

MANISH GOPLANI: When my mom is nearby I alway follow her and be next to her and people call me mama’s boy. So yes I am mama’s boy as the perception has been around for generations. It describes a young man who has been overly ‘softened’ by his mother’s doting attention but its really not true. One misconception is that being close to your mom causes me to be a mama’s boy, weak or dependent? The reality is that mother’s love and care doesn’t make me more dependent or timid; it actually makes me stronger and more independent.” So I wish son shouldn’t hold back when it comes to showing or accepting their mothers love, especially in a society in which parent-child relationships are often strained.

SEHBAN AZIM: Words cant help me to express and share the relationship of love and care I share with my mom. I remember to be one of the notorious kid and use to go missing many a times. My father use to tell, once when I was missing, she didnot took care of anything and step out in search of me and did not come back till I was found. I also remember whenever I use to commit mistakes or speak lie, she always took a stand for it and bought me to right path. So whatever I am today only because of her. She changed all my ‘khatti’ activities into ‘meethi’ one.

SHAMIN MANNAN: Its mother’s day and I am going to miss her a lot as she is at Assam, my hometown and I am here in Mumbai. Me and my mom always share a relation which is even beyond love. I couldnot spend a second without her till my college days. Even whenever I see our albums I find myself right back to her. I remember one of my birthday and very next day it was my class test. As in birthday gift someone gifted me a slam book and I was so busy with that, and got it cover by half of my friends and wasnot focus for my test. As a result I scored less marks. For which my mom rip the slam and I started cryng and got upset. Looking me like this, she pampered me and explained me the value of test and she managed to get me the new slam book with getting them covered by my friends. So we always have understanding and shared khatta meetha relation.

ROOP DURGAPAL: As a kid, I was extremely naughty and stubborn. Once while going to market with mom, my eyes were stuck on a toy Rifle. Mom was not keen on buying that for me and I threw a big time tantrum by not moving from that shop and infact started crying badly and threated to sleep on the road only unless I was given the toy. She took a promise from me to get good marks in some upcoming test first. I actually started studying for that but even before I gave that test the toy rifle was home. Not just for me but for my sister too. Thats my mom.. Made sure we got best of everything without really spoiling us too. This is the way we share Khatta Meetha rista.

MAHIKA SHARMA: Every mother-daughter relationship is fraught with challenges at every stage of life, and we still have our fair share of squabbles and misunderstandings. But what me and my mom have learned is to recognize potential barriers early, communicate openly and most importantly, make up with hugs and declarations of love and gratitude! Yes, when we are free, we talk about our Common Interest and do bit gossips. We give and receive thoughtful advice, While we often fight on like I spend too much money which she dont likes at all. At the end we both try to walk on each others shoes. So thats our khatta meetha rista.